The WiRē Center provides hands-on, personalized expertise to wildfire practitioners who want to implement the systematic data collection approach. The needs of the community dictate the level of service the WiRē Center provides. The WiRē Center provides the avenue through which communities can access the expertise of the WiRē Team and implement the WiRē Team’s approach. The WiRē Center provides training and support to allow practitioners to collect data and map results. Summarizing and understanding the social data require the expertise of WiRē Center and Team.

One underlying philosophy of the WiRē approach is that wildfire practitioners will develop better programs if they participate in the data collection process and share the results with their communities. Experience has demonstrated that sharing the results from the systematic data collection with the community provides a common platform for constructive discussion about adapting to wildfire. Therefore, the WiRē Center summarizes analysis of local data to facilitate collaborative processes.

Another aspect of the WiRē Center is the management and compilation of the data collected across communities. The systematic data collection approach will facilitate development of a large data repository that we can analyze to provide insights across space and time with respect to wildfire risk on private land and the characteristics, knowledge, and experience of the people who live on those parcels. These data are an important contribution to the state of knowledge regarding private land and wildfire risk.