Community of Practice

The WiRē Center initiated a Community of Practice (CoP) in the summer of 2021 to connect WiRē partners.
Our CoP meetings are a space for WiRē partners across the country to share technical information and personal perspectives on wildfire mitigation and preparedness, particularly as related to WiRē projects. All project partners are invited to attend; most partners to date have decided to participate at some level. These discussions range from data presentations to personal reflections on events, but always provide an opportunity for us all to learn from one another.

In 2023, the WiRē Center hosted an in-person Community of Practice Workshop in Denver, Colorado, bringing together 19 WiRē partners to discuss opportunities for WiRē to broaden the impact of our work. The WiRē Center will continue to host regular in-person workshops in the future.

“The workshop created the space for thoughtful conversation, networking, and the space to really think about how to better inform our work moving forward.

—Kris King, Wildfire Risk Reduction Coordinator, Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue