The WiRē team regularly presents on our approach, findings, and outcomes to diverse audiences, including practitioner groups, academic conferences, and other stakeholders. View a few of our recorded talks below.


Brenkert-Smith, H. (Nov 2021) “Can humans live with wildfire? Pathways to wildfire adaptation through evidence-based approaches.” CU on the Weekend.


Champ, P.A. (Mar 2021) “Moving from parcel risk assessments to building fire adapted communities.” Cross Boundary Fire Risk Mitigation Webinar Series.


The Quiet Majority: Understanding Communities to Make Mitigation Work.  April 14, 2020, presented in the Natural Hazards Center and Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Making Mitigation Work webinar series.


The Wildfire Research (WiRē) team: infusing social science into wildfire education programs through collaboration and systematic data collection.  Nov 2, 2016, presented in the Interactions of Society and the Environment Seminar Series in Fort Collins, CO.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of presentations given by the WiRē Team since 2013. As demonstrated, we regularly communicate with a wide variety of audiences, ranging from applied practitioner groups (labeled as “partner meetings” below) to academic conferences.

2019Partner MeetingTeton Area Wildfire
2019SeminarUSGS Risk Community of Practice webinar
2019SeminarUSGS Fire Science Community of Practice webinar
2019SeminarUniversity of Colorado – Institute of Behavioral Science Seminar Series
2019Partner MeetingSpanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Protection (SPAWP)
2019ConferenceAERE Summer Conference (Association of Environmental and Resource Economists)
2019SeminarBehavioral Economics Applications in the Forest Service and Other Land and Resource Management Agencies
2019Partner MeetingCalifornia Fire Science Consortium and Southwest Fire Science Consortium
2019Partner MeetingFire Adapted Montana
2019Partner MeetingBLM Montana/Dakotas Staff
2019Partner MeetingMissoula County Cohesive Strategy Working Group
2018Partner MeetingFire Adapted Montana
2018Partner MeetingOuray County Board of County Commissioners
2018Partner MeetingCo-Management of Fire Risk Transmission meetings
2018ConferenceColorado Wildland Fire Conference
2018SeminarColorado State University, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
2018ConferenceNational Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop
2018Partner MeetingWebinar for the Fire Adapted Communities Network (FAC Net), hosted by the Landowner/Homeowner Engagement Community of Practice
2017Partner MeetingFireSafe Montana Board Meeting
2017Partner MeetingWest Region Wildfire Council
2017ConferenceNatural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop
2017SeminarUS Forest Service Southern Research Station Seminar
2017ConferenceNational Cohesive Strategy Workshop
2017SeminarUSGS Fire Science Community of Practice webinar
2017ConferenceColorado Wildland Fire Conference
2017ConferenceNational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: A century of wildland fire research: Contributions to long-term approaches for wildland fire management
2017Partner MeetingFront Range Fuels Treatment Partnership Roundtable; Community Protection and Landscape Restoration Teams
2017Partner MeetingFire Adapted Colorado meeting
2016Partner MeetingCO State Forest Service Leadership Team meeting
2016Partner MeetingFireWise of Southwest Colorado – Montezuma County Chapter
2016Partner MeetingIgnite Sherbino
2016Partner MeetingMontrose Ignite
2016Partner MeetingFireWise of Southwest Colorado
2016SeminarISESS (Interactions of Society and the Environment Seminar Series)
2016Partner MeetingSan Miguel County Wildfire Coordination Group
2016Partner MeetingTown of Mountain Village Wildfire Mitigation Program
2016ConferenceColorado Office of Emergency Management Conference
2016SeminarRMRS Sneak Seminar, Human-Landscape Interactions
2015ConferenceBackyards & Beyond
2015Partner MeetingWRWC Meeting
2015ConferenceColorado Wildland Fire Conference
2015ConferenceISSRM (International Symposium on Society and Resource Management)
2015ConferenceAssociation of Environmental and Resource Economists 4th Annual Summer Conference
2015SeminarFire Science Lab
2015SeminarUniversity of Montana
2015SeminarNorth Carolina State University, Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy Colloquium
2015ConferenceW-3133 Meeting: Benefits and Costs of Natural Resources Policies Affecting Public and Private Lands
2015SeminarEPA Seminar
2014Partner MeetingWest Region Wildfire Council
2014SeminarSouthern Research Station Seminar
2014ConferenceWestern Economic Association International (WEAI) 89th Annual Conference
2014ConferenceWestern Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA) 2014 Annual Meeting
2013ConferenceBackyards & Beyond
2013SeminarCU Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop
2013Partner MeetingFireWise of Southwest Colorado
2013SeminarAir Force Academy
2013ConferenceW-3133 Meeting: Benefits and Costs of Natural Resources Policies Affecting Public and Private Lands
2013Partner MeetingWRWC Meeting