"The U.S. Forest Service has Smokey the Bear. The Bureau of Land Management in southwest Colorado has Chris Barth."

So begins a recent article in southwestern Colorado’s newspaper, The Watch. The article highlights Chris Barth’s efforts and successes in wildfire mitigation and education, as recognized by his being selected for the 2015 Fire Adapted Communities Fire Service Leadership Award. In addition to profiling Chris’s extensive history in this field, the article captures the essence of our approach at WiRe with the following quote:

“Working with many different types of people, you learn that success depends on understanding where people are coming from,” [Chris Barth] noted. “It’s something we try to do in fire mitigation: understand what folks value. Do they value knowing their homes will be safer in the event of fire, or do they value increased views, forest health or seeing more wildlife? We are trying to help people understand how fire can impact their specific properties and how it will tie in with what they already value. We make sure to promote awareness in a factual away but also emphasize what is important to people.”

Read the full article at The Watch.