WiRē working with Grand County Wildfire Council (CO) to inform their engagement with residents

WiRē is working with Grand County Wildfire Council on implementing a paired risk assessment and social science survey project to better understand the wildfire risk and risk perceptions of residents in five fire protection districts in Grand County, Colorado. Several members of the WiRē Team traveled to Grand County recently to help develop a shared vision of wildfire risk in the wildland urban interface with partners that come from a traditional structure fire background.

WiRē team members helped partners in Grand County better understand how wildfire behavior in a WUI landscape informs our parcel-level rapid wildfire risk assessments; using a GIS-based risk assessment tool to conduct risk assessments; and the logistics for successful project implementation.

A recent article covered Grand County Wildfire Council’s involvement with this project and their larger effort to help homeowners reduce risk.

Grand County Article